Perfect Your Pinup Makeup

“Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

How can I help you?

Need some help with the pinup basics, like a winged eyeliner or a perfect pout?

Cast a shadow over the old-Hollywood starlets like Marilyn with a full glam look.

Want to experiment with colors or need personalized color guidance?

What do I offer?

💄 40 minutes focusing on your specific issues

💄 choose between 1 session of 40 min or 2 sessions or 20 min (so you’ll have the chance to practice with the new tips in between)

💄 1-on-1 (online)

💄 personalized to your needs and skills

💄 working with your own tools

priced at 33 EUR

Why I’m the right person for you:

💄 I’m a certified makeup artist

💄 I have years of experience working with makeup

💄 I do pinup makeovers on clients

💄 I experiment a lot on myself

💄 I’m a scientist and follow the latest technologies and developments

Book your session now:

After booking, we’ll discuss how you’d like to pay.

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