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Match bobby pins to any hair color cheap & easy | PERFECT YOUR PINUP

Every vintage hairstyle-lover knows it all depends on bobby pins. You’ll probably end up using more than anticipated, so to hide them, you’re gonna want them to closely match your hair color.

Unfortunately, when it comes to bobby pin colors, options are very limited. Besides the standard black, brown and “blonde” bobby pins, there usually isn’t even a ginger option, although it still is a natural hair color. Let alone options for fantasy colors.

Now, what if I told you, you can easily make your own bobby pins to match any hair color! And best of all: it’s super cheap!

All you need are:

  • bobby pins (any color will do)
  • nail polish resembling your hair color
  • piece of paper or cardboard (to avoid a mess)

Now for the process, it’s VERY simple:

  1. pin the bobby pins on the paper or cardboard
  2. coat one side of the bobby pins with the nail polish
  3. let dry
  4. paint the other side
  5. let dry
  6. optional: repeat if one coat of polish isn’t opaque enough

You can view the steps in this 16 second video tutorial:

That’s it, it’s that simple!

Now you that you have your bobby pins matching your hair color perfectly, they’ll be even easier to hide seamlessly into your hairstyle. Or, for those who want a bold accent, you can paint the bobby pins in a contrasting color. This is also an affordable trick for those who like to switch hair colors frequently. The options are limitless!

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