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(Wet) Set & Brushout online course (English or Nederlands)

Want to achieve a classic 1950s hairstyle, but still struggle with setting and the brushout?

You’ve tried following Youtube tutorials or aren’t sure about certain techniques or what products to use and at when?

You now have the opportunity to perfect your pinup/vintage style in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a device with a camera, so I can see you and guide you along (phone, laptop or ipad are all fine). Courses run via Zoom or Teams.

In this online (wet) set and brushout course, we will go over every step together at your pace & completely customized to your struggles: we prep & set our hair at night and continue with the brushout the next day..

You can choose your own date*, which we’ll schedule via email upon booking. *Since this is a 2-day course, courses are preferably between Tuesdays and Sundays. Of course, it will depend on availability, but there is room to discuss a suitable moment.

Because this is my first time teaching this course via this manner, there’s a temporary offer of a lower price point (compared to what you’d expect for a all the material you’ll learn) of 30 EUR (about 35 USD and 26 GBP)! 

I offer this course in Dutch and English.

More info per language:

(Wet) Set & Brushout course
online 1-on-1 course
in English

★ complete step-by-step
★ 2 days: we set at night and continue the next day
★ you choose the date*
★ learn the techniques directly hands-on
★ using your own products/tools
★ customized to your own struggles & needs
★ on your own pace
★ Q&A and trouble-shooting on the spot

(Wet) Set & Brushout course
1-op-1 online sessie
in het Nederlands

★ volledig stap voor stap
★ 2 dagen: we setten ‘s avonds en gaan de volgende dag verder
★ kies zelf de datum*
★ leer de technieken onmiddellijk hands-on
★ je werkt met je eigen producten/tools
★ op maat van jouw valkuilen en noden
★ op je eigen tempo
★ Q&A and trouble-shooting on the spot

ENG – To book your private hair course, please fill in following form:
NL – Vul volgende formulier in om privé cursus te boeken:

If you have ANY questions regarding the course, feel free to email me or contact me via FB messenger or instagram.

Will we doll up together in a virtual session soon?

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