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Many countries, including my home-country Belgium, have decided to go into lockdown once again to stop further spreading of COVID-19.

Not much to do, when you can’t go out and meet people. Luckily there’s Netflix.

What is it?

The Vintage Netflix Challenge consists of 2 aspects:

  • The challenge aspect: participating in posting your own interpretation of a prompt on Instagram during 3 weeks (Nov 7th – 29nd 2020).
  • A binge list: suggestions for vintage-inspired shows and movies to keep you entertained during the evenings and weekends of this lockdown.

Both aspects can be unrelated, if you choose to. You can create a post for a prompt, without actually having watched it. And vice versa, you can choose not to participate in the challenge, but just have some new shows for your Netflix list.

How to join the challenge?

I created this challenge with fun and entertainment during these hard times as the main goal. This means: there are no obligations and you are free in your interpretation of a prompt and in your frequency of posting. Just remember to use the designated hashtag #thevintagenetflixchallenge so we can all view your (re)creations and I can choose a winner at the end.

What’s in it?

I hope this challenge will bring you some distraction, fun and creativity. And of course, I full binge list.

Besides that, I want to reward you for joining along with me. I will choose one winner at the end of the challenge. At the time I’m writing this, the exact prize is still under debate, but I’ll assure you it’s gonna be amazing.

Edited on Nov 17th 2020:

confirmed prize sponsors are:

The challenge starts on Saturday, November 7th 2020. But if you’re reading this at a later time point, feel free to still hop in.

I’m hoping to see many of you appear when I search the hashtag!


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