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Glitzy Accessories| GLITZ-O-MATIC

I don’t know about you, but I think any outfit is only complete with matching jewellery, preferably a bit of glitz. I’m always on the lookout for vintage-style accessories.

Glitz-O-Matic is a Belgian retro accessory brand, founded in 2011 by owner Sarah. Her small business started off as Cherry Pin-Up Accessories, but after outgrowing this name, she rebranded as what is today Glitz-O-Matic. Creating jewellery since her teenage years, the concept of her business originated from the desire to accessorize her own outfits with matching retro jewellery. Sarah draws inspiration from daily things around her (movies, nature, vintage items, pretty fabrics) as well closely following upcoming clothing collections to create accessories to complement any outfit an fit any type of person.

I was lucky enough to receive a few pairs of earrings from the Glitz-O-Matic collection for review.

Marilyn vibes

Hoop earrings were popular in the 1950s. They were even spotted on ultimate icon Marilyn Monroe in the Hollywood movies ‘Niagara’ and ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

Image shots of Marilyn Monroe wearing gold hoops in the movies ‘Niagara’ and ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’

The ‘bad girl double hoop gold earrings’ are a twist to these classic hoops . The inner hoop with diamonds add a little glam for real starlet vibes.


Depending on the rest of your outfit, these earrings can be styled in an elegant or a seductive, bad girl kind of way.


These gold hoops retail at 12 EUR and come in 2 options of diamond colours: white, as I’m wearing here, and a multicolour version.


Atomic starbursts

The starburst design was very trendy during the Atomic Age in the 1950s and 1960s and was incorporated in many households in the form of fabrics and wall papers, clocks and mirrors, kitchenware, etc.

1940s-1950s ads for starburst clocks, doorknobs and kitchenware

The ‘starburst earrings’ are a nice tribute to the mid-century modern style of that era. The earrings feature a diamond dangle – another popular shape during that time – with the starburst in the middle.


As my pinup name, Starbrite, might suggest: I do love me some kitschy starburst designs, so I’m thrilled to have these in my collection. These earrings will, without doubt, add an instant retro touch to any outfit.


These earrings retail at 10 EUR and are available in gold and silver.

By a thread

After WWII, plastics like lucite were frequently used for accessories. I think most of us are now envisioning the famous lucite purses. Glitter, sparkly threads and confetti were often added to the plastics for that little bit of extra.

My own true vintage lucite purse from the Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas

The inspiration for these ‘gold thread ellips pendant earrings’ is pretty clear.


The pendants are made of a beautiful pearlescent material. Combined with the gold thread, these dangles have a luxurious shimmer, without being too much.


The authentic design of the materials makes these earrings  great to combine with both true vintage and repro wear. And due to the shimmery accents, they are perfect for everyday as well as more formal wear.


At 12 EUR, these earrings are available in green, pink, grey, brown and yellow.



All these earrings are lightweight, so there’s no awkward and uncomfortable droopy ear lobe, like I sometimes get with heavier earrings.  Due to the anti-allergic/nikkelfree material of the studs, the earrings feel comfortable to wear all day, without any irritation. All items in the Glitz-O-Matic shop are fully designed and handmade by Sarah. This also means, Sarah is open to customize anything, if you have any special requirements or wishes.

Sarah provided an exlusive discount code for my readers and followers. Use code STELLASTARBRITE for 10% discount on the entire Etsy shop until March 31st.

Happy shopping!




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