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Light Hearted | GLITZ-O-MATIC

This Valentine’s day, I’ve partnered up with Glitz-O-Matic, a small Belgian accessory brand,  featuring their 1950s-style hearts jewellery set. Perfect for today, but just as show-stopping on any other day of the year.


Let’s start with a little history. After WWII, plastics like celluloid, catalin, bakelite and lucite were widely used in jewellery. In the 1940s and 50s, plastic novelty charms became a trend for brooches, necklaces and bracelets. The most popular heart charm must be the 1940s MacArthur heart or the “key to my heart” pin, inspiring many reproduction accessories today.

An authentic 1930/40s necklace and the cover of the 1941s Life magazine featuring the popular MacArthur heart pin.

This sweet and fun set is clearly influenced by those authentic creations, but with a more modern pinup vibe. Like all other items in their shop,  this set is fully designed and handmade by Sarah, owner of Glitz-O-Matic.


This heart-themed set consists of a necklace and pair of earrings. The necklace features see-through heart and bead charms along a black plastic chain. The see-through heart scheme is continued into the dangle-style earrings. The total length of the necklace is between 44- 48.5cm. The earrings measure 50mm in total length.


Due to the plastic material, these items are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. I love that, because of its lights weight, the necklace doesn’t droop into a cluster of charms, but holds the individual hearts dainty and nicely separated. Also, the earring studs are made of anti-allergic/nikkelfree surgical steel, so you won’t get irritated ear lobes throughout the day.


I really love the playful effect this heart-themed set adds to an outfit. It has a hint of those 1950s kitschy vibes, but remains elegant at the same time. You can wear them as a set, but both items still make a great statement on their own.


The full set (necklace and earrings) retails at 34 EUR. The earrings are also available separately at 12 EUR. This blog post features just one Valentine design, for more Valentine-inspired goodies,  check out the ‘Valentine’s Day’ shop section.


Glitz-O-Matic is currently having a Valentine’s sale with 15% off on all items in the entire shop, until Febr 14th at midnight (CET). But no panicking if you read this post at a later moment or you’ve been hesitating for too long: for this collaboration, Sarah provided an exlusive discount code for my readers and followers. Ucode STELLASTARBRITE for 10% discount on your purchase until March 31st.


I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day, whether you celebrate it with your loved one, a friend, furry companions, alone or not at all.


Big kiss x



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