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Quick and Easy Pinup Hairstyles – part 2 | HAIR TUTORIAL

Following up on my previous post on quick and easy pinup hairstyles, here is part 2 with yet another 3 hairdos for lazy or busy days.


Style 1: tucked-in hairdo

This hairstyle has long been one of my go-to styles. It’s an elegant updo, with allures of a faux Gibson roll, only easier. And very important: It’s super fast.

Step 1: make a low ponytail.

Step2: loosen/lower the hair tie a bit

Step 3: fold your ponytail over and tuck it in the space right above the hair tie.

Step 4: secure with bobby pins

Step 5: Optionally, accessorize with a hair flower or bow.



Style 2: Gibson roll

I’ve already done a more in-depth tutorial on the Gibson roll previously. This version is a little easier and quicker, as it doesn’t include the twisted and backcombed front parts.

Step 1: cut a hair donut

Step 2: you’ll now have a cylindrical hair rat.

Step 3: take your hair together at the lower back of your head and roll around the hair rat.

Step 4: pin into place

Step 5: Optionally, accessorize with a hair flower or bow.



Style 3: Turban

A turban is great when you want to postpone washing your hair just a little more.

Step 1: create a middle part

Step 2: make low braid and tie with a small (not too bulky) elastic.

Step 3: roll the braid up. A braid ensures a flatter effect than a regular ponytail.

Step 4: pin the braid flat to your head. This doesn’t have to be neat, you’ll cover it up anyway.

Step 5: cover up with a pre-wrapped turban.

This particular open-back turban is from Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos, but I also own classic full coverage ones from Pin Up Curl and Voodoo Vixen. Alternatively, you can tie your own turban, following Death by Deco’s tutorial.



That’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy looks.




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