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Quick and Easy Pinup Hairstyles | HAIR TUTORIAL

I know the hassle of busy mornings, when you can’t be bothered creating a full glam hairdo. I’ve got you covered for those stressy moments with the 3 following quick and easy hairstyles, that still look very pinup-inspired.


Style 1: Bow

“Put a bow on it” they say. When you have no time to do anything to your hair, just throw on a hair scarf tied into a bow, easy as that. Yet, you’ll be amazed how put together people will think you look.

Step 1: fold the scarf into a thin rectangle.

Step 2: put the folded scarf into your hair as you would wear a headband.

Step 3: tie the scarf into a bow.

Step 4: tuck in the ends into the bow.



Style 2: 1940s-style twists

You can’t always be bothered curling your hair and some days you just want to have a good night’s sleep without any rollers in. For those days rocking your natural hair, these side twists will add a casual 1940s feel.

Step 1: part you hair as you like to wear it and separate the front part of the sides.

Step 2: backcomb a little bit.

Step 3: smooth the top and twist each part backwards to your head.

Step 4: pin into place with bobby pins or a hair comb.




Style 3: Milkmaid braids

Another hairstyle for lazy, relaxed hair days are milkmaid braids. Milkmaid braids and braid crowns were very popular in the 1940s, accessorized with flowers and bows. Putting just this little effort into your hair will leave with a very authentic look.


Step 1: part you hair as you like and divide you hair into 2 parts.

Step 2: start braiding each side right behind the ear and tie with a (clear) elastic.

Step 3: you’ll now look like a little school girl.

Step 4: fold one braid over your head and pin into place with bobby pins.

Step 5: fold the other braid over your head in front of the other braid and pin down.

Step 6: wear you milkmaid braids as they are or accessorize with hair flowers or bows as you like.




I hope this post will leave you with some inspiration for your next casual hair day.


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