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Mean Girls Dupes | PINUP ON A BUDGET

If you’re into the pinup scene, you’ve probably seen the new collection “Mean Girls” of Vixen by Micheline Pitt. As the name states, the collection is filled with sassy, tough girl looks, including a few faux leather items. As awesome as this Vixen collection is, I realize the price might turn some ladies off. Now, what if I told you, I found some amazing comparable looks for less the price!?


For this pinup on a budget project, Boohoo came to rescue. Whilst Boohoo is not at all a retro brand, I do find they have some great items for a pinup wardrobe. Plus, they have sales all the time! Scrolling their website, I stumbled across some great faux leather looks.

The Leather Look Box Pleat Midi Skater Skirt reminds me a lot of the actual Bad Girl Circle Skirt from Vixen by Micheline Pitt. This is not a full circle skirt like the version from Vixen, yet it’s still a voluminous skirt. The box pleats of the skirt end into a thick waist band, emphasizing the waistline.

Boohoo’s Leather Look Box Pleat Midi Skater Skirt versus the Bad Girl Vegan Circle Skirt from Vixen by Micheline Pitt


There are a couple of PU pencils skirts on the Boohoo website, but I found the Petite PU Pencil Skirt resembling the Micheline Pitt one the closest. Disadvantage of this Boohoo skirt is that it has no zipper closure, just an elastic band, but that’s one of the prices you pay when wanting it cheaper.

Boohoo’s Petite PU Pencil Skirt versus Micheline Pitt’s Bad Girl Vegan Pencil Skirt


Pairing a faux leather pencil skirt with Boohoo’s Leather Look Off Shoulder Bodysuit would make a great dupe for the Vixen Domination Dress, I think. The fact that it’s a bodysuit leaves it seamlessly tucked into the skirt at all times, creating the effect of one piece. Just add a faux leather belt, like this Square Buckle PU Belt and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Combining the Leather Look Off Shoulder Bodysuit, Petite PU Pencil Skirt and Square Buckle PU from Boohoo to mimic Micheline Pitt’s Domination Dress.


The ultimate item every mean girl needs: a (faux) leather jacket! The Faux Leather Biker Jacket and the Petite Pu O-Ring Zip Biker Jacket on the Boohoo website have that iconic, cropped bad girl leather jacket cut.

Boohoo’s Faux Leather Biker Jacket and Petite Pu O-Ring Zip Biker Jacket versus Micheline Pitt’s Bad Girl Vegan Cropped Motorcycle Jacket


Now, this last item is not a dupe for any of the Vixen pieces, but I think this dress would fit right into the Mean Girls collection. The PU Belted Bandeau Dress gives me Barbie doll gone bad –vibes. The strapless bodice concludes in a very 1950s sweetheart neckline with a zipper detail. The dress is fitted and has a wiggle skirt, for the ultimate femme fatale effect. The matching faux leather belt accentuates the waist. Pair with mules and you got yourself a bad Barbie girl look.

Boohoo’s PU Belted Bandeau Dress


To clarify, I don’t want to depreciate the awesome designs from Micheline Pitt. If you can afford it to invest in great quality pieces, I highly recommend you purchase from her brand. For the purpose of this post, I’m just mentioning some dupes for her recent collection, if you’re on a budget. I hope to have helped out the pennywise shoppers amongst you, so everyone can share in the mean girl vibes.


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Photos used are courtesy of Vixen by Micheline Pitt and Boohoo.

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