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Not perky – Wednesday Addams-inspired Halloween outfit

It’s October: time to kick off the spooky season! You can better start planning your Halloween outfit now to make sure you’ve got your look all sorted out in time. In contrast to my usual colorful style, I want to use these next weeks of October to share some darker looks with you.

I’m starting this series off with my take on Wednesday Addams. I know you will have seen it passing by many times already, but this look is just so easy to accomplish and everyone, even if they don’t know the Addams family, recognizes the reference.


“This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.”

You only need a few essentials that you probably already own: a white blouse (or actually the collar is what’s important) and a black dress. Funny enough I say “items you probably already own”,  but I myself didn’t have a black retro dress.  However, I recently discovered Boohoo and their massive collection of different styles – yes retro styles in retail chain – at very affordable prices and they have a valid coupon code at all times.


The dress is mentioned as a ‘prom dress’, but hey, we all know us pinup girls are always overdressed anyways. Because of the cheap prices, I was a bit reserved about the quality. However, the fabric and finish came out way better than I expected.


I paired the dress with a white collared blouse I already owned for a long time, but you can find a similar style at Vivien of Holloway. Or just check the retail chains like H&M or Zara, you can not go wrong with this one.


I know Wednesday wears dark tights with booties under her dress, but I went for white bobby socks and Mary Janes to illustrate the character’s youthfulness and because I think it looks really cute. These frilly socks are also from Boohoo for only €3 without even applying the 40% discount code, but I’ve seen them in Primark as well.


Top it off with Wednesday’s signature: 2 braids. A hair style has never been easier, but it really makes the whole look. Because Wednesday is a little girl, I kept my makeup plain and ‘innocent’. I have seen some girls doing dark eye makeup and a black lip for their version of Wednesday and that looks great too. Whatever you prefer, it’s your personal take on Wednesday that makes this Halloween look fun.


This was my first character-inspired look and I really enjoyed putting it together. I like how wearable this style is even for daily wear – you know Wednesday is never perky.


Full outfit details: 
Dress – Boohoo 
Blouse – Cécile 
Belt – Vivien of Holloway 
Socks – Boohoo 
Shoes – B.A.I.T. Footwear


What about you? Are you planning to dress up for Halloween or are you going as a homicidal maniac?



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x





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