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The Wedding Series: Bridal Hair Accessories

It’s been a while since the last wedding-related post, but in the midst of Fall – when I should be posting Halloween stuff – here I am again with the next chapter in the Wedding Series: bridal hair accessories. If you missed the previous posts in this series; you can click the link for repro bridal dresses and true vintage gowns.

Just like the wedding dresses, a bride’s hair accessories varied depending on the era. A little fashion history:

  • 1940s: Flower crowns and statement crowns adorned many forties brides.


Famous examples of 1940s bridal head wear were seen on Marilyn Monroe for her first wedding in 1942 and Ginger Rogers in the 1946’s movie ‘Heartbeat’.


  • 1950s: All kind of half hats were seen on brides during the fifties.


Grace Kelly must be the most famous fifties bride, wearing an embellished half hat cap with lace veil. Fifties brides were also exposed to inspiration from movies like ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (1952) starring Jane Russel and Marilyn Monroe in the famous double wedding scene.


  • 1960s: Towards the sixties, pillar box hats or even boxy crowns with veiling were popular bridal hair wear.  Other brides just opted for big hair accessorized with (small) flowers, usually daisies.


Famous sixties brides rocking the big hair on their wedding day include Elizabeth Taylor wearing white flowers all over her voluminous braid and Priscilla Presley, who opted for a veiled crown.



If you have found your dream dress and are now looking for a unique retro-inspired hair adornment to match and perfect the look you have in mind; here are some small businesses I highly recommend:

Pin Up Curl

Pin Up Curl is the one-lady business of  Sarah Bloor, offering vintage hair styling services as well as hair accessories. Her Etsy shop is a variety of hair flowers, corsages, half hats & turbans and always sells out very quick.

A few pieces from Pin Up Curl

Besides the pre-made items on her Etsy shop, you can contact Sarah to discuss a custom design. That’s exactly what I did for my bridal hair piece. I showed Sarah inspiration photos of hair wear that I liked (many of the photos where her own work, because she has so much experience with bridal pieces) along with the colour scheme I had in mind. She is prompt in responding with a lot of creative input. The veiled half hat for me and matching boutonniere for my husband that she created were just perfect finishing touches for our magical day!

The custom half hat and boutonniere by Pin Up Curl in full glory on our wedding day


Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers

Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers is big name in the pinup community and most of my hair flowers are by them. Because owner Jan Ewers has a well-standing florist background, she specializes in creating custom floral arrangements. I have done a review of some custom hair pieces by Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers in the very beginning of my blog, which you can read here. Besides their popular hair flowers, you can request a custom half hat or veiling, Jan is a genius with bespoke compositions.

A few examples from Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers


Vandalised With Love

With her business ‘Vandalised With Love’ Kate Cook specializes in unique fascinators and head wear. I’ve previously reviewed a Winter Holidays-inspired hair fascinator of hers here on the blog. Kate offers bespoke services upon request, so you can discuss any idea you have for that special bridal piece with her. Pill box hat, fascinator, top hat, veil or flower crown, Kate knows it all.

Some Vandalised With Love creations


I hope these series help in putting together the wedding outfit of your dreams. It’s your big day, you deserve to shine!



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x



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