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Forget Me Not – Teacup Girl

If you’ve been following this space, you might know I like to bring new brands to the blog. Today I want to introduce you to the whimsical brooches of Teacup Girl.

Teacup Girl is a newly launched Australian small family business, based in Thailand. Sounds interesting, right? From early age on, Australian designer and boss-lady Bonita knew she wanted to incorporate her passion for art into her job. It wasn’t until she and her family moved to Thailand in 2017 that her dream came to life with the start-up of their own brand of brooches.


Teacup Girl is not just another brooch brand like Deer Arrow or Erstwilder. Bonita definitely has her own art style. If I were to describe Bonita’s unique style, I would say it embodies the inspiration she draws from traditional art forms and a love for nature, whimsically represented with a cute touch of kawaii influences.

For the launch of the brand, they immediately dive in with an entire collection entitled ‘Woodland Wonders’.  With pieces as ‘Mushroom Munchies’, ‘Ode to Autumn’ and  ‘Daisy Everlasting’ this first collection is a true ode to the beauty of nature. I was lucky enough to get first in line in this launch and receive one of their brooches to review.


After the hard task of giving my top 3 picks, Bonita and her husband –  as in a true family business; behind every boss-lady is a supportive man – selected the ‘Love, Forget Me Not’ brooch for me. Everything about this brooch instantly reminds me of Thumbelina: the scene where she gives her necklace of forget me not flowers to prince Cornelius so he would never forget her. And how could you, with such a beautiful reminder?


As the name states, the brooch represents the tiny cornflower blue florals. The brooch features a harmonious blend of different acrylic coatings. The marbled shimmering green leaves add dimension to the frosted milky finish of the blue flowers. With eye for detail, Bonita hand-painted the little yellow brim at the heart of each flower, just as delicate as you would find them in nature. The flowers are stacked in multiple layers which gives a multidimensional effect to the brooch.


As with all brooches in the collection, painting in details, assembling the different layers and attaching the pin is all done by the caring hand of Bonita. Words can not express how impeccable the quality of this item is. Truth has to me told: I dare to say it’s better than the few Erstwilder pieces I own! It’s this kind of involvement and passion that I love about small businesses. And it truly defines the character of the Teacup Girl brand.


The ‘Love, Forget Me Not’ brooch comes in 2 sizes. I’m wearing the smaller size measuring  5.5 cm x 6.5cm. If you fancy something more of a “go big or go home”, there’s also a larger version available of 6.8cm in height and 8.1cm in width. The small version retails at $39, the larger one is $52. Remember: by purchasing pieces like this; not only do you support an independent artist, you also support their entire family, who are all involved in the small business.

Teacup Girl brooches come in a lovely jewelry box: extra fancy & perfect for safe storage.

The ‘Woodland Wonders’ collection encloses 10 different designs. So I recommend you have a look at the Teacup Girl website or Instagram for more designs and seeing the pieces come to life. But you better hurry, as only one week after their launch some of the designs have sold out already!

I foresee a bright future for Bonita and Teacup Girl – definitely not to be forgotten.



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x






Disclaimer: whilst this brooch was gifted to me for review, all opinions in this blog post are completely honest and my own. I highly value the honesty and integrity of my blog as well as my readers. I would never accept items or brands that I don’t fully support.



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