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Everlasting lips – Kat Von D

Although I swear by a classic red lippy, I do like to change it up every now and then. Binge-watching Mad Men recently, I often spotted Betty Draper/Francis with a more coral or rosy lipstick shade rather than a bright red. Something I just hád to try for myself.


I’ve been wanting to try out the Kat Von D makeup brand for a while, but wanted to be able to see the shades and textures in real life. So when we passed Sephora during our holiday in Las Vegas, I knew this was my chance. In the search for a coral-toned shade, I selected the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Berlin’ along with a matching colour Everlasting Lip Liner in ‘Swoon’.



The Everlasting liquid lipstick – Berlin

The lipstick has a creamy formula, which is a pleasure to apply smoothly. It sets to a long-lasting matte finish without drying your lips out – no awkward cracked smiles. The lipstick is highly pigmented, so one coat will definitely suffice for full coverage and you will come a long way with one tube. The wand allows precise and even application, however I do tend to use a more precise lip pencel now and then for crisper arches at my cupids bow.


I find this Berlin colour develops a little over time, not too dramatically, but it is very noticeable. It’s kind of a coral tone when freshly applied turning into a more rosy pink – almost like the roses in the background of this picture – within an hour or so. Perhaps something to keep in mind when testing this or other Everlasting liquid lipstick colours yourself to wait until the lipstick has reached its full oxidation for the truest colour comparison. I personally don’t mind that the final colour differs from the colour I initially applied, as it’s still a very pretty shade and still works with my outfits.

The Everlasting lip liner – Swoon

For many of the Everlasting lipsticks, there is a complementary lip liner. The lip liner in ‘Swoon’ is described as a watermelon pink, which I found to go best with the ‘Berlin’ lipstick colour, bearing in mind the lipstick develops to a more rosy tone anyways.


Just like the liquid lipstick, the liner is creamy in application and highly pigmented.  The formulation is not drying for the lips. Applied all over the lips as a base for the lipstick is the key to a truly everlasting – or at least all-day long – lippy.

Personally, I always wear a lip liner underneath my lipstick to ensure a longer wear and prevent the lipstick from bleeding. However, you can definitely wear both the liner and the lipstick on their own if you prefer that look or their ever so slightly different colours. In this picture you can see swatches of each on their own and lastly the lipstick layered on top of the lip liner, as I would wear it.

Swatches of the ‘Berlin’ liquid lipstick, ‘Swoon’ lip liner and ‘Berlin’ on top of ‘Swoon’

The Everlasting liquid lipstick retails at $20 and the lip liner at $18. I know this might be above drugstore budget, but it’s in the same price range as many other quality brands and just one lipstick/liner will last a long time since it’s so pigmented and long-wearing. Both are available at the Kat Von D makeup website and Sephora. Kat Von D’s brand is fully vegan and cruelty-free. I know Kat’s recent anti-vaxxers statement has upset a lot of people, including many of her trusted costumers. I hope you can put that discussion aside when shopping for lipstick as the makeup brand is really high quality and created of thoroughly sourced ingredients which are kind to your skin, animals and the environment.




x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x


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