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The Wedding Series : True Vintage Gowns

In the previous Wedding Series post I discussed reproduction wedding dresses. As beautiful as these retro dresses are, I do understand some of you might still want ‘the real thing’ and opt for a true vintage piece. So today I’m sharing my favorite places with the highest chance to find your authentic dream dress.


Forever Vintage

Hands down, the Australia-based vintage shop Forever Vintage has the most drool-worthy bridal section. They surely have a dress for every bride-to-be in a large range of sizes: floor or tea length, simple or full blown cupcake.



Laura Dols

Besides her vintage shop for daily wear, Laura Dols also stocks an extensive selection of antique wedding dresses. You can get an image of what she offers at her website, but it’s best to schedule an appointment at the showroom in Amsterdam for the real deal.



Xtabay Vintage

Xtabay Vintage is known for their stunning, well-preserved authentic pieces. The Xtabay bridal salon is just as breathtaking. Xtabay Vintage’s store is located in Portland, Oregon, but owner Liz also offers pieces through the Xtabay Etsy shop and Instagram page.



Vintage Blue Moon

This is where my gown is coming from. Vintage Blue Moon-selected items are available at their Etsy shop, but not all dresses are on there. You can always contact Kristi through the Vintage Blue Moon Facebook or Instagram page with your specific requirement, so she sort out what she can do just for you.



If you’re a bride-to-be still on a spree for wedding dresses, I hope you’ll find your dream dress soon, whether or not in one of the shops I mentioned here. If you’ve already tied the knot, what kind of dress did you choose for your big day?

Stay tuned for more wedding content in the next weeks.



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x




Disclaimer: All photos shown are courtesy of the corresponding shop.

2 thoughts on “The Wedding Series : True Vintage Gowns

  1. Even though I’ve already been married for nearly a decade now, I can’t help but drool over vintage wedding dresses! 😀

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