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The Wedding Series: Reproduction Wedding Dresses

In case you’ve missed it: I got engaged in December! We are planning to get married in April. I know that’s already quite soon, so the wedding planning is seriously on!

I want to dedicate a whole series to the planning of our wedding: “The Wedding Series”. Before I share our own experiences, photos, etc. – that’s only for when the big day has arrived –  I want to take you through the journey of finding a perfect vintage-style wedding dress, shoes, accessories and everything needed to create that magical day!


First up on the list: the wedding dress! This was my first and biggest concern when it came to wedding planning. The first decision I had to make was whether to go for a true vintage gown or a new vintage-inspired dress. In the meantime, I’ve found my dream dress which happens to be an authentic 1950s one, but I’ve definetely seen some gorgeous reproduction pieces during my search.

Following are some ideas if you’re looking for beautiful bridal reproduction dresses.


Traditional full length dresses

When I was browsing for inspiration for traditional full length wedding dresses, Grace Kelly was hands down my top inspiration. Her wedding dress had it all: floor lenght, lace, embroidery, embellishments, buttons!


Here are some brands offering vintage-inspired full length wedding dresses I really like:

House of Mooshki

House of Mooshki offers stunning hand-crafted vintage-inspired wedding dresses in different lengths. Their floor lenght bridal gowns with lace and button details really have me swooning.

House of Mooshki
House of Mooshki’s Isabella, Deborah & Alice dress. Photo credit: House of Mooshki


Morilee by Madeline Gardner offers magical bridal gowns for every style, from traditional to more boho vibes. I would really consider these classical designs for a vintage-inspired wedding dress.

The Morilee Kosette, Alencon, Katherine & Kenley dresses. Photo credit: Morilee by Madeline Gardner


Not the most traditional wedding dresses, but definetely inspired by yesteryear’s bridal wear. Each Chotronette dress is sweet as candy and fit for a princess.

Chotronette’s Punk Truffle, Crêpe Suzette, Sorbet au Curaçao & Meringue Cake dresses. Photo credit: Chotronette


Tea length/swing dresses

If you don’t wont to go full length but still vintage style, there’s the option of tea length or swing dresses. The most iconic ‘shorter’ style old Hollywood wedding dresses must be the tea length gowns Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Audrey Hepburn’s swing dress in Funny Face.


If you are looking for a wedding dress similar to these shorter, yet classic silver screen styles, you might want to take a look at the following brands.

Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage offers a wide range of vintage-inspired clothing covering the 1920s up to the 1960s. Including their own range of bridal wear inspired by different eras. Here are some of their charming bridal 1950s swing dresses :

unique vintage
Unique’s Vintage Martinique & Riviera dresses. Photo credit: Unique Vintage

Voodoo Vixen

Voodoo Vixen has been well-known long time for their affordable retro wear and recently the brand started their own classy bridal section. And there’s even more to come this season!

Voodoo Vixen’s Betsy, Monroe & Dorothy bridal dresses. Photo credit: Voodoo Vixen

Vivien of Holloway

Vivien of Holloway doesn’t really have a seperate range of exclusive bridal dresses, but in their ‘Wedding Department‘ you can find an overview of the wedding-proof versions of their popular circle skirt dresses in neutral colours and satin or lace finishes.

Vivien of Holloway’s Halterneck Ivy Lace, Grace Duchess & Halterneck Duchess dresses. Photo credit: Vivien of Holloway


Wiggle dresses

For her third marriage to Arthur Miller in 1956, Marylin Monroe stayed true to her bombshell image in a white figure hugging dress.

If you want to stay vampy on your big day, here’s a few brands that offer wedding-appropriate wiggle dresses.

The Pretty Dress Company

The Pretty Dress Company isn’t particularly a retro brand, but many of their dresses look vintage-inspired. You can find some classic 1950s wiggle-style wedding dresses in their pencil dress section.

The Pretty Dress Company’s Thea, Kennedy & Hollywood pencil dresses. Photo credit: The Pretty Dress Company

Stop Staring!

Stop Staring is probably most reputable in the retro scene for their fitted dresses, like their popular Billion Dollar dress. Here are some of their fitted dresses I find suitable as a sultry, yet classy wedding dress.

Stop Staring’s Billion Dollar Baby, Silver Screen, Noely & Faith dress. Photo credit: Stop Staring!


I guess this covered most of the options for a vintage-inspired bridal wear. I hope this post could serve as an inspiration for those of you with your own vintage wedding plans.

Stay tuned for more to come in the Wedding Series, including hair and accessories!



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x


5 thoughts on “The Wedding Series: Reproduction Wedding Dresses

  1. I’m getting married in May! April and May are both coming up fast! We’ll be married before we know it 😊
    I reaaally wanted a House of Mooski dress, but there weren’t any stockists close to me, but I found a dress I fell in love with near where I live. I wanted a floor length dress as I wear tea length all the time! If we had eloped I think I’d have worn a tea length instead 😂

    1. Congratulations! Yes, April and May are approaching so fast and I don’t know about you, but I still have quite a lot to do still!
      I was looking for tea length dresses at first, but then gave over to a full lenght dress at the end, cuz you know, you only marry once ;p
      Looking forward to see some pictures of your big day on your blog or IG! x

      1. Haha exactly, I want to look like a princess for a day! And yes, lots of things to do! I was feeling overwhelmed but I’m starting to enjoy it more now! Oh yes, there will be a blog post about it haha! I look forward to reading the rest of your series! Xx

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