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Crimson Peek | Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge

If you’re in the vintage scene, you’ll probably have heard of Bésame Cosmetics. With a lot of research and sampling, they recreate the glamour and sophistication of erstwhile. Like the shades of their products are replicas from past originals, the packaging looks authentic as well and is a true vintage enchantment for the eye!

Crimson Cream Rouge_3

In my blog post last year, trying out the Bésame Red lipstick and Brightening Powder, I predicted my Bésame vanity set to expand…  And so it did! In the meantime, more of their red and golden plated products have accompanied my little makeup family, with most recently the Crimson Cream Rouge.

It’s the Cream Rouge I want to elaborate on today, as I think this product is quite underestimated. The Crimson Cream Rouge is based on an original colour that was popular in 1938. Before the powder blushers, rouges were originally of a cream formulation due to the ease in application. Hence, the way the Cream Rouge works is so simple and effortless.

Crimson Cream Rouge_1
A cosmetics ad from 1935 and the Bésame Crimson Cream Rouge, a replica of a popular 1938s colour.

The main use would of course be as a rouge for cheeks. With your fingers, just simply dab a little of the Cream Rouge onto you cheekbones. With soft motions, you can blend it in with only your fingers or with a beauty blender, if you have one by hand. That’s all for instant, authentic rosy cheeks.

Crimson Cream Rouge_4

The second use for the Cream Rouge is as a lip stain. Again, you only need your fingers to apply the product onto your lips. The colour is pretty concentrated and will give a delicate, natural looking tint, but you can build up a few coats for a more vibrant red lippy.

Crimson Cream Rouge_7
In this picture, I’m wearing 2 coats of the Crimson Cream Rouge as a lip stain.

Finally, you can use the Cream Rouge in addition to lip pencils or lipsticks you already own. I like to mix the Cream Rouge with other lipstick colours or apply it on top of a different hue of lip pencil to create my own unique shade and match my lips to a particular outfit.

Crimson Cream Rouge_6
Here I mixed the Crimson Cream Rouge with Bésame’s Portrait Peach lipstick to create a shade that matched the colour of my cardigan.

The texture and formulation of the Cream Rouge are everything I could have asked for. It’s light and creamy, not drying for the lips, without parabens, cruelty-free and, last but not least, vegan! I really praise Bésame for their extensive research and experimenting with their ingredients to come to products that are high in quality and at the same time don’t contribute to animal testing – like certain other big brands unfortunately continue doing!

The Cream Rouge’s packaging  has recently been revamped and it now comes in a glamourous red and golden tin, which is practical to open and carry along.

Crimson Cream Rouge_2

The fact that it’s not a powder, which could crack in your handbag or luggage, together with its versatility in use and no need for tools to apply, makes this product perfect for on-the-go. What could a girl want more?

Crimson Cream Rouge_5

Bésame’s Crimson Cream Rouge retails at $18, which I think is a reasonable prize considering the fact it’s pigmented and versatile in use. You can order via the Bésame website, currently only shipping within the United States, Alaska and Hawaii, but they are working out international shipping. A selection of Bésame products can also be found at Sephora and Modcloth, which offer international shipping, or at Cult Beauty for European Bésame girls.


x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x




Disclaimer: Although this product was gifted to me, all opinions expressed here are completely honest and my own. The honesty and integrity of my blog are of utmost importance to me, as are my readers. I would never accept items/brands that I don’t fully support.


2 thoughts on “Crimson Peek | Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge

  1. I’ve been wanting to use Besame. I tried their lip stick samplers but found them too thick and scented. I’m asthmatic and lately have had some problems in controlling it and anything and evertything will set it off. I have to be careful with scent in makeup products. The Cream Rouge looks wonderful as a lip stain. It seems to give a great colour but seems more natural a colour than a lipstick usually does.
    I suppose my main question is whether the Cream Rouge has a scent? Also, how long lasting is it as a lipstain and does it moisturise well?

    Thanks for any advise you can give. You look amazing.

    1. Hello!
      I’m sorry to hear about your asthma! I’ve heard that scented makeup and hair products can indeed be a difficulty in controlling asthma as well as migraine.
      I’ve been able to wear the Cream Rouge as a lip stain throughout the day. The texture is not really too moist, nor drying at all, just a perfect in between, contributing to the long wear I guess. Unfortunately, it has an undeniable cherry scent to it. So to be honest, I think if you have problems with the Bésame lipsticks, the Cream Rouge will not do your asthma any good 😦
      Hope to have answered all your questions and hope you find a product that works for you! x

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