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Big hair, I do care – Suavecita

Hair can be a big thing, literally. A hairstyle can really make the whole look, even more so in the pinup/vintage scene. That 1950s bombshell dress looks asks for bouncy pincurls, a scarved beehive adds playfulness and some victory rolls just breath 1940s vibes. Whatever look you’re going for, Suavecita has got you covered, as I only recently discovered.

I received the Suavecita Hair Kit to try out. This kit consists of a grooming spray, argan silkening serum and pomade.


The Suavecita Grooming Spray promises to make your curl sets last even longer. I was a little sceptic about this at first, but Suavecita delivered! Using this as my setting lotion, I can get 3 days wear out of my roller set – even more when re-rolling at night. The curls hold firm, yet remain moldable at the same time, which is the key to the longevity factor I guess. Big bonus: the spray has a sweet berry scent, my boyfriend even likes the smell.


With its vitamins and antioxidants, the Argan Silkening Serum moisturises and adds a beautiful, non-greasy shine to your hair. The serum is ideal to get rid of the frizz during a curl set brush-out.


Last but definitely not least is the Suavecita Pomade. This pomade is the female counterpart to the original Suavicito Pomade for men. Suavecita Pomade contains all the goodness of the original and successful men’s version, with the formula adapted specifically to women’s hair and a fresh citrus scent. The pomade has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and if you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why.


The products in this kit can be used all together or separately.

For a roller set I use the kit as a whole. I use the Grooming Spray as the setting lotion. I eliminate the brush-out frizziness with the Argan Silkening Serum and use the Pomade to tame fly aways and baby hairs and for sculpting the curls in the desired shape (in combination with a little bit of serum).


For victory/suicide rolls or beehives, the Suavecita Pomade can be a real life saver. It aids the molding of your hair and renders a smooth, frizz-less hairstyle.


The Argan Silkening Serum can also be used on its own. Whether it’s to de-frizz a bed head, to add some shine or just as a vitamin boost to treat your hair. You can’t go wrong with this serum, as it doesn’t get greasy, but leaves a soft and healthy feeling .


All these products are water-soluble and without harsh ingredients that could possibly damage the hair or scalp. The brand is cruelty-free and made in the United States.


The Suavecita Hair Kit currently retails at $27.99 at their website, but each products is also available individually. European girls can get the Suavecita hair goodness at Deadly is the Female and The Greaser And The Doll. I really recommend giving the Suavecita hair products a try, as it changed the ease of my hair styling routine drastically – in the positive way.


x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x




Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me, the stated opinions are completely honest and my own. The honesty and integrity of my blog are of utmost importance to me, as are my readers.

2 thoughts on “Big hair, I do care – Suavecita

  1. Looks great. I need to find products which don’t have any scent (or aerosol pump which these don’t have) as scents and aerosols trigger my asthma AND migraines (though asthma is the more problematic at the moment). I’ve also found I’m allergic to argan oil (Scalp) though my hair adores it! Which is very annoying.

    1. Oh, such a bummer, I’m sorry! 😞 Hope you find the perfect products for you, that are good for your hair and health (that’s so important!) ❤

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