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In Full Bloom – House of Satin

Nature might be nearing its winter sleep, House of Satin, on the other hand, is in full bloom. Manufacturing handmade garments since 1948, the British vintage-inspired lingerie brand has just recently relaunched their brand and website.


After all the sneak peaks on their social media, the end products are all amazingly gorgeous! The renewed House of Satin has come out with 5 collections spanning the twenties up to the sixties:

  • Foundation Lace:

As the name says, this collection consists of the basis or the foundations for a classic vintage silhouette, ranging from bras and briefs to girdles, corselettes and robes. Made from strong control fabric the Foundation Lace items ensure to smooth and support the female shape.

  • Cherry Blossom:

A fully sheer set with delicate embroidery. This small collection was created in celebration of light and transparency.

  • Forever Gatsby:

Undergarments inspired by the roaring twenties. Since 1920s style clothing and especially undergarments are rather a rarity to find, I was excited to see it part of the relaunched House of Satin range.

  • Satin Gems:

Inspired by the utility years of the 1940s and 1950s, when undergarments  were made of everything available at that time, this collection combines the simplicity from that era with a bit of luxury.

  • Tea Rose:

Inspired by a true 1960 lingerie advertisement, the rose gold fabric refers to the colour of the tea dyed erstwhile lingerie pieces.

I was lucky enough to get to try a set for review. Attracted to its soft and feminine details, I went for the Cherry Blossom collection.


The Cherry Blossom Longline Bra must be the show piece of the whole relaunched brand. Everything about this bra breathes quality, skilled craftsmanship and most of all passion. Passion for the vintage aesthetics as well as for a perfect finish and fit. The bra features a sheer mesh bodice with delicate accents of fuchsia embroidery. A cute little fuchsia bow between the cups tops it all off. I guess you can understand why I loved this collection from the first sight.


The bra closes at the back with a clasp of 3 hooks and eyes, with 3 different positions for a tighter or looser fit when needed. The bra’s straps are adjustable as well, with silver rings and slides in the front. The back of the bra gathers in a low cut, ideal for those special occasion dresses with an interesting rear cleavage. The bra ends right in the waist, ensuring that desired smooth and nipped silhouette. I am usually a size 32D (EU 70D) and ordered my regular size for this Cherry Blossom Longline Bra. It fits like a glove and the wear is just so comfortable! I find the amazing on-point fit proof of the skills and knowledge of lingerie. This bra was really designed and (hand)made for the female body.


The Cherry Blossom Shortie is an extension of the bra’s theme. These briefs feature the same mesh fabric with detailed embroidery and a fuchsia accent bow.


I received both a size 10 and 12 from this knickers. Although, I wear size 10 in most pants, I had to size up for the Cherry Blossom Shortie. Looking back at the size chart provided on the House of Satin website , I should say the sizing is again spot on, as it recommends a size 12 for a 40” hip. If you are hesitant between two sizes, I would suggest to really go by the hip measurements  to decide what size knickers to order. In  addition, as the name states ‘shortie’, the legs of these briefs end  past the groin. If you have fuller upper legs, like me, it might be wise to take this into account as well, when choosing the correct size for you. As the size 10 of the Cherry Blossom Shortie still ‘fitted’ me,  it was just too tight around my legs for a comfortable wear.

Overall, this harmonious set that defines the Cherry Blossom collection feels sensual, yet soft at the same time. The fully sheer fabric gives a seductive hint, while the delicate fuchsia embroidery adds softness and elegance. I absolutely love this gorgeous set. It makes me feel pretty underneath all my clothes and is thus my preferred underwear whenever I need an extra boost of self-confidence and self-love – and the accompanying smooth silhouette is just another bonus!


The Cherry Blossom collection is available in a large range in sizes at the House of Satin website. The Cherry Blossom Longline Bra comes in sizes 32A-42F and retails at 65 GBP. The Cherry Blossom Shortie is available in size 6-18 at 29.50 GBP. All undergarments come carefully packaged in a tulle bag.



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x





Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me, the stated opinions are completely honest and my own. The honesty and integrity of my blog are of utmost importance to me, as are my readers.

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