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Winter Walk with Vandalised with Love

The golden landscapes are slowly uncovering themselves, trees start showing their branches. As the last leaves are starting to fall, Winter is nearing. The time of midnight parties and Winter walks. Let this be the name of the new collection of a handcrafted accessories brand, I discovered just recently.


Vandalised with Love is a sparkling young UK-based brand, founded by designer Kate Cook. Their name says it all; they specialise in ‘vandalising’ (revamping) your (old) shoes into a gorgeous custom pair. Furthermore, Kate also puts all her love in making unique hair fascinators, hats, accessories and home decorations, all customizable as well –  to match your  custom shoes. All items are vintage-inspired with a modern twist for today’s pin-up gals.

For this Winter season, Kate created the ‘Midnight Parties and Winter Walks’ collection of headgear. The collection exhales the true holiday spirit. Reds and greens, poinsettias, holly leaves and berries, pine cones and of course glitter, it’s all incorporated!

I was lucky enough to receive one item of the ‘Midnight Parties and Winter Walks’ collection for review.


First thing to mention is the packaging. All items come carefully wrapped in a cute, mint-coloured box. I find that these little things really add to the unboxing experience. It feels like receiving a present, completely in line with the upcoming Holidays.


I received a hair clip featuring white poinsettias,  pine cones and branches and holly berries. As with all the Vandalized with Love accessories, the flowers, branches and berries of this hair piece look very realistic, as if you are wearing little pieces of nature, collected during one of your Winter walks. Whilst this hair piece is composed of various elements characteristic for the Winter season, it’s certainly not overdone. The harmonious arrangement of the flowers with the other elements is proof of Kate’s detailed and experienced eye for millinery, costume, fabric technology, form and styling.


Gorgeous on the outside, the back of the hair piece was not neglected as well, to my surprise. The base of the hair piece is neatly finished – no traces of glue, stitches or whatsoever – with a glittery fabric, perfectly matching the Holiday theme. These little details definitely testify Kate’s love for handcrafting, just as the name of her brand mentions. The actual clip is a sturdy alligator clip, ensuring a firm hold. With my thin hair, it’s always a risk whether a clip will slide out of my hair or not. I guess I can speak for all the fine-haired ladies out there that this clip’s grip will secure your hair piece into the desired place. And you could always attach it with bobby pins to the fabric base if you want to be extra safe.


I am delighted to have discovered Vandalised with Love and feel very fortunate to get to review a piece of their Winter collection. I love the Holliday theme that runs through this entire collection. Combined with their dazzling Christmas wreaths, it reminds me of cosy Christmas evenings and a snowy, glittery Winter wonderland. I can already hear the jingle bells ringing! Vandalised with Love started in the form of a ‘silver lining’ after Kate’s health issues. This gave life to Kate’s motto “wearing a crown is good for all of us occasionally and this can be achieved beautifully without having to cost a fortune”. It’s the reason for their strive towards high quality and loving care in creating beautiful, vintage-inspired items and that’s exactly what you will get.


Hair piece by Vandalised with Love
Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing
Belt off the Hermeline Skirt by Hell Bunny

Headgear from the ‘Midnight Parties and Winter Walks’ collection start at £14. Additionally, Vandalised with Love offers other hair pieces and accessories in a wide variety of designs. All items are one-offs, but Kate also takes custom orders, if you would like a piece like the one I am wearing here – commissions from £65. You can find the entire Vandalised with Love collection at their website and Etsy. For the Essex-based ladies, Vandalised with Love recently designed a series of hats and turbans as part of the Christmas Vintage Emporium collection for Chocodolly.


Definitely go check them out if you are looking for that unique accessory to your Christmas outfit or a Christmas present for a loved one.

x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x



Disclaimer: Although this item was gifted to me, the stated opinions are completely honest and my own. The honesty and integrity of my blog are of utmost importance to me, as are my readers.

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