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Apple Of My Eye

Nature getting a beautiful red-yellow-orange complexion, walking through a carpet of fallen leaves, the refreshing air… I love Autumn! It’s the season to bring out the burgundy, tan and other colours mimicking the autumnal landscape into your outfits.


With the weather getting colder and rainier, you might want to dress comfy and warm when going outside. Mix cosy and vintage-inspired and you get Emmy Design. This Swedish vintage reproduction brand by Emmy Nilsson stands for high-quality, feminine garments with an eye for the female curves and body shapes.

I’m usually not a big fan of trousers. I find it hard to find a good-fitting pair, that fit over my hips and behind without an overflowing waist area. But after having my eye on Emmy Design’s Miss Fancy Pants Slacks for a while, I set my pants prejudices aside and finally tried some on. One leg in, then the other, it goes over the hips, but I won’t get I closed, that’s just not possible, is it? What a pleasant surprise! The fit of these pants is true proof of how designer Emmy understands the female figure! While there is enough room to fit in the hips and a bigger booty – guilty to that! – the waist cinches back in, accentuating the female curves. The waist part is even extra high, emphasizing the female body even more, adding a touch of elegant sexiness. For comparison; I measure 27.5”/71cm in the waist and 40.5”/102-103cm in the hips and wear the Miss Fancy Pants in size UK 8/EU 36.


Looking at the details of the pants’ waistcoat, you might notice the buttons at the hem. These serve as decorations as well as attachment for the Sassy Suspenders. These suspenders come in one size, but are adjustable to your own ideal fit. They come in a cute gift box and would make a nice little present under the Christmas tree.


Gaining popularity around the wartime, the first trousers for women were rather masculine or even their husband’s. I feel pairing the Miss Fancy Pants Slacks with the suspenders gives that androgynous touch, while the fit of the high waistcoat doesn’t renounce the female curves. The look reminds of that worn by 1930s-1940s muses Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, but with an extra touch of femininity added by Emmy.

a 1940s advertisement, Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh

When thinking of chilly temperatures, I immediately think of warm knitwear. Coincidence or not, knitwear must be Emmy Design’s biggest hallmark. Every season they come out with a new range of knitted cardigans. The Ice Skater Cardigan consists of a soft wool mix, ensuring warmth and cosiness during the Autumn/Winter season. As all Emmy Design’s signature cardigans, the Ice Skater Cardigan ends right at the waist, again accentuating the female shape. And the detailing of the cable knit pattern of this cardigan is just so adorable and elegant. You can either wear it as a cardigan over your outfit or as a sweater on its own. Due to the shorter length, it won’t create bulkiness when tucked into pants or skirts. I got this cardigan in size UK 6/8 or EU 34/36 for the most flattering fit.


With the Miss Fancy Pants Slacks, I prefer to wear the cardigan full cardigan-style, open over a blouse. This allows to easily take it off when it’s getting to hot inside, and quickly put it back on when it’s getting chilly, without having to struggle with the suspenders all the time. So to complete this outfit, I went for the Be My Baby Blouse in cream white. This is a simple, yet elegant white blouse that’s versatile to combine. The blouse features a V-neckline with romantic lace cut-outs. The pleating around the bust and in the back gives a nice hourglass shape. As a reference; I’m wearing this blouse in size UK 8/EU 36, but there’s still some room left in the bust area if needed.


The beautiful details in all these pieces don’t need much accessorizing. For this look, I just added some bangles in autumnal colours and a pair of fig-coloured earrings to match the colour of my pants.


All garments by Emmy Design come in sizes UK 6-24 or EU 34-52. You can purchase via their website or their retailers (Revival Retro in London and Signature – that’s where I got this combo from – in my hometown Leuven are some examples). Honestly, Emmy Design is definitely not cheap, but – to my true opinion – you will get very high quality and a lot of wear out of it.


This gorgeous Emmy Design outfit has quickly become my ultimate Autumn/Winter favourite, the apple of my eye.  It’s ideal for work or an active day outside. It’s incredibly comfy, without having to substitute for elegance and femininity. And most importantly, will keep you warm and cosy during this Autumn/Winter season.


x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x


5 thoughts on “Apple Of My Eye

  1. I love the look of these pants with the braces. I currently wear wide leg pants with braces to work but these look a little bit more elegant

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