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Pinups reinvented with Generation Pin-up

I want to introduce you to a new brand based in Saint Barth. Generation Pin-up is a freshly launched handbag and accessories company, offering pouches and bags with pinup-inspired designs. With his love for the classic aesthetics, creator Tony Duarte felt like the charm and glory of the 1950s iconic pinups deserved a revival. As an honor to the origins of the brand, Tony recently released his first collection of ‘St-Barth Pin-Up’.


The brand’s motto “we do not take a photograph, we create”, captures it all. For the designs of the brand, Tony performed extensive research on original 1950s and 1960s colors, materials and techniques. As a graphic designer, he then translated this knowledge and passion of him into re-inventing his own pinup girls. Just like the classic pinups, he started off from real-life models, optimizing their assets and aesthetics even more and adding his personal, modern touch to the erstwhile pinup drawings.

I was lucky enough to receive two items of the ‘St-Barth Pin-Up’ collection for review.


Each item from Generation Pin-up has its own accent color and pinup model. Firstly, Tony selected the curved zipper case in pink with pinup Jayne for me, since pink is my favorite color. It’s an elegant white curved bag in a classic ‘makeup bag shape’ – if that term exists. Whilst not being chunky at all and fitting in your purse nicely, I find this bag to be perfect for carrying my makeup essentials for retouching during the day. And don’t worry about makeup stains, all bags are machine washable at 40°C/105°F.


The other item I received is the medium Jenny pouch. This is a simple, small bag with a blue accent panel, portraying the blonde pinup Jenny. The size is ideal for fitting in your phone and ID/credit card and that’s what I like to use it for.


I don’t know about you girls, but with the polished and elegant appearance I like to achieve, the inside of my purse can be a mess. I carry around so many things as if I would have to survive on those contents. I find it hard to fit a modern wallet into those gorgeous, but small vintage purses. And with  only 1 or 2 small compartments, I want my items to be sorted. What I like to do when carrying my vintage purses is to take only the essentials out of my wallet (ID, credit/debit card, driver’s license and some cash) and put it together with my phone in a small pouch. Some makeup products, hair ties and bobby pins, plasters and mirror can go together in another of such a pouch. It’s exactly for this purpose that I like the sizes and designs of these pouches from Generation Pin-up. After all, where does a pinup design better belong than in a true vintage purse? Combining true vintage with vintage-inspired designs effortlessly, like the spirit of Generation Pin-up itself.


I am happy to have discovered this new brand and feel very fortunate to got asked to review two items of their collection. I love the simplicity of this entire collection. Choosing plain white as the base color of all the designs, creator Tony succeeded to let the art of the pinup drawings speak for themselves. The colored side panel adds a nice little touch, but never tends to overpower the design. This eye for detail can be found on the inside of the bags as well. All bags are lined with a frivolous dotted fabric, in the same color as the accent side panel. Overall, the designs can, thus, be summarized as playful, yet elegant – pretty the essence of yesteryears pinup girls themselves I would say.



The Jayne curved zipper bag and medium Jenny pouch both retail at €24/$27. Additionally, Generation Pin-up offers bags and pouches in a wide variety of models,  as well as sizes and colorways. They are planning to expand their current collection with mugs, pillows and other accessories in pinup theme in the near future. Generation Pin-up strives for high quality in the materials and assembly of their products and that’s exactly what you will get. Definitely go check them out if you are looking for playful bags and other accessories.



x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x





Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me, the stated opinions are completely honest and my own. The honesty and integrity of my blog are of utmost importance to me, as are my readers.

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