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Vintage gives me butterflies

Today I am bringing something different than the usual clothing review or styling ideas. Today’s post will be the first of more to come true vintage finds. Over the last months, I learned more on where to find well preserved vintage clothing. One of these places for great vintage pieces is the Ooh La La! Vintage Sell and Swap Group on Facebook, where, a few months ago, I found the 1950s novelty print skirt featured in this post.

The Ooh La La! Vintage Sell and Swap Group on Facebook is an amazing community, where you can find the most fabulous of true vintage clothing and accessories. With over 19.000 members, I was lucky to get in this popular group several months ago.


You might have seen me wearing this skirt before in several of my OOTD posts, but I wanted to give her the honor of her own blog post. So, on a recent day trip to Durbuy, a medieval Belgian town, I thought it would be the ideal moment to shoot her in this idyllic scenery. It was such a beautiful, sunny day to let the butterflies out.


This skirt was my very first purchase on the OLL group. For any item listed for sale on OLL, you have to be very quick if you are interested, or it will get nabbed away right before your eyes. I was lucky enough to be the first one to react when this beautiful skirt was listed. And a beauty she sure is. The gorgeous novelty print, featuring black cameos filled with flowers and butterflies had me swooning immediately.


I am definitely no expert when it comes to rating vintage pieces. But I would say this skirt was preserved very well, considering she dates back from the 1950s. The skirt was, however, listed with a flaw described as ‘damage to the waistband’ and made me hesitant to buy her at first. After seeing photos of the mentioned damage, I thought I could cover it up with a belt and decided to just go for it. Upon receiving the skirt, the ‘damage’ appeared to me like a handmade second button hole for a tighter fit, and I use this it for that purpose as well. Wearing it like this and a belt on top hides this blemish completely, just as I had assumed. As it’s almost inevitable with white fabric vintage pieces, there are also some minor spots. Although, these minimized significantly after I did a spot treatment and the remaining staining isn’t noticeable at all in the vibrant print.


When putting this outfit together, I wanted to make the skirt’s print stand out. Therefore, I paired it with a plain black top. By adding a blue cropped cardigan, I highlighted the blue in the skirt. I went for yellow-themed accessories to go with the yellow butterflies in the skirt’s print. This particular lucite earring and brooch set with yellow roses inside is another OLL vintage treasure and hence I found it perfect to top off this outfit.


Full outfit details:
Skirt & earrings/brooch set – Ooh La La! Vintage Sell and Swap Group
Top and handbag – my mom’s
Bangles – a mix of Splendette and old H&Ms
Belt & shoes – old wardrobe items

I am glad to had overcome my concerns and decided to eventually go for it. This skirt has quickly become one of my favorite wardrobe items. Moreover has this truly positive experience given me greater confidence with buying vintage items online. The unfortunate side of this fairytale, is that I am now addicted to new OLL finds. RIP bank account.


X Miss Lipstick & Pipettes X


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