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The versatility of the Hell Bunny Hermeline skirt

Whether you are on a budget or a beginner in retro fashion,  it’s always clever to have a wardrobe item that can be endlessly combined into a different look every single time. The Hell Bunny Hermeline skirt is such a versatile piece due to the multitude of colors in its print.

The Hermeline print depicts bunnies, squirrels, foxes and deer along with roses and sunflowers. This makes a wide color palette with orange, brown, green, red, pink, yellow and black to combine with.

With this post, I want to give you some ideas on how to style the Hell Bunny Hermeline skirt in multiple ways.

Hermeline-Rusty Brown

The majority of the skirt’s print is taken by the animal figures in an orangey brown. So to go from there, I paired it with rusty, brown and golden accents. This color palette would make a great autumn look as well.


Another dominant color in the skirt is green from the flower leafs. To go for a green theme, I combined the skirt with a minty green knitted cardigan and my matching mint BAITs.


Looking at the roses in the Hermeline print, these are made up of two colors: red with pink highlights. This means two colors to choose from for creating two completely different outfits. Taking red as the main outfit color, I styled it with a red bolero and red hair flower. In contrast, by pairing it with a pink cardigan and matching pink heels, I highlighted the pink accents in the skirt.


To bring out the yellow of the sunflowers in the skirt, I went for a yellow knitted cardigan and heels.  I also figured my custom yellow hair piece by Shazam Vintage Pin Up Hair Flowers would complete this look perfectly.



When you still can’t decide on the color, you could always go for a black top and let the skirt’s print speak for itself and your accessories pop.

Whatever color you choose, you can never go wrong with this skirt, I’d say. The Hermeline skirt by Hell Bunny is available in sizes XS-4XL. I got mine from Looks Like Vintage, but TopVintage is another retailer, both ship internationally.

The skirt comes standard with a black velvet belt, another nice item for endless combinations.  The skirt is not a full circle skirt, but wide enough to wear it with a petticoat underneath, as I did in most of these looks.

For more outfit ideas, you can follow my OOTD posts on Instagram (misslipstickandpipettes) or Facebook (Miss Lipstick & Pipettes).

Wishing you a lot of fun with your own styling adventures and looking forward to seeing your outfit combinations!


X Miss Lipstick & Pipettes X


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