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Custom Shazam Vintage Pin Up Hair Flowers

One of the essentials of a pinup wardrobe would be a hair flower. I consider it a finishing touch to an outfit,  matching your outfit’s color scheme or maybe even standing out as an accent. I also find hair flowers an easy trick to conceal the part of my hairstyle of which I am not satisfied or where my hair didn’t cooperate at all. Or even when I’m in a rush with no time to style my hair, just adding a hair flower in my super straight hair can make up for it.

You don’t need a lot of hair flowers, just a few in the colors matching most of your clothes will get you a long way. However, some outfits –perhaps for a special occasion or just your favorite dress- might need a special, one of a kind hair piece.

A few months ago, I bought the Blue Fatale Pencil dress by the Pretty Dress Company. With its different shades of blue roses and mossy green leafs, I couldn’t find a hair flower matching its color scheme perfectly. Around that same time, Miss Victory Violet reviewed her experience with Shazam Vintage Pinup Hair Flowers. That’s how I got introduced to Jan’s gorgeous creations.

Shazam Vintage Pin up Hair Flowers is based in the UK and the artist behind it, Jan, has more than 10 years of experience in the field.  Shazam Vintage Pin up Flowers has already sponsored several pinup contestants  by designing their hair pieces. On their website, you can choose from a wide range of hair flowers and floral arrangements, of which Jan regularly creates new ones. In addition, Jan also offers to make customized hair pieces. And so, as indicated on her website, I contacted Jan for a custom hair piece for my blue Fatale dress.

For a customized piece, it’s best to provide a picture of your outfit , so Jan can get an idea of what colors to work with. Jan will propose a flower/foliage/berries assembly and then go from there, based on your suggestions or comments. Jan always (I have ordered several of her creations already) answered me very quickly and so the settlement of your custom hair piece runs very smooth and comfortable.

So, to match my Blue Fatale dress, Jan designed a beautiful arrangement of royal blue and light blue roses, to match the different blue tones in my dress, paired with white hydrangea, small rose buds and little yellow berries as interesting details to the whole piece.

Shazam custom blue

I immediately fell in love with her design and was soooo excited when the package got delivered. Jan’s creation matched my dress so perfectly!

2016-06-11 22.11.20

I can tell you: Jan’s creations are addictive! A couple of weeks ago, I asked her again for another custom hair piece. This time I wanted something yellow themed. She proposed  some color and flower combinations and after I gave my remarks on them, she came up with another gorgeous piece.

Shazam custom yellow

Both hair pieces are a perfect example of Jan’s artistry as a florist. The flower and color combinations are spot on and her choice of foliage or details, like flower buds or berries, give an interesting touch to the whole design.

Although my 2 custom pieces are both arrangements of roses, they are completely unique. Also the way  or which side you position them in your hair will give a different look and that’s what I love so much about them!

2016-05-30 00.45.39

As mentioned, Shazam Vintage Pin up Hair Flowers has a wide range of premade flowers and floral arrangements online.  But if you are like me and you would like a custom piece to match a specific outfit, you can rely on Jan’s specialty in creating custom floral designs. A custom hair piece similar to mine costs £15 and worldwide shipping is provided. So head over to the website or contact Jan for your own unique piece of artistry via


x Miss Lipstick & Pipettes x



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