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Match bobby pins to any hair color cheap & easy | PERFECT YOUR PINUP

Every vintage hairstyle-lover knows it all depends on bobby pins. You’ll probably end up using more than anticipated, so to hide them, you’re gonna want them to closely match your hair color. Unfortunately, when it comes to bobby pin colors, options are very limited. Besides the standard black, brown and “blonde” bobby pins, there usually… Continue reading Match bobby pins to any hair color cheap & easy | PERFECT YOUR PINUP

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(Wet) Set & Brushout online course (English or Nederlands)

Want to achieve a classic 1950s hairstyle, but still struggle with setting and the brushout? You’ve tried following Youtube tutorials or aren’t sure about certain techniques or what products to use and at when? You now have the opportunity to perfect your pinup/vintage style in the comfort of your own home. All you need is… Continue reading (Wet) Set & Brushout online course (English or Nederlands)

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Many countries, including my home-country Belgium, have decided to go into lockdown once again to stop further spreading of COVID-19. Not much to do, when you can’t go out and meet people. Luckily there’s Netflix. What is it? The Vintage Netflix Challenge consists of 2 aspects: The challenge aspect: participating in posting your own interpretation… Continue reading #TheVintageNetflixChallenge

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Quick & Easy Barbie Hairstyle |PINUP HAIR TUTORIAL

I have very fine hair, but always loved the classic 1950s Barbie ponytail. So with the use of clip-in hair extensions and a fake ponytail, I achieved Barbie-inspired hairstyle. Fake it till you make it – I think I pretty much nailed that.      You can subscribe to my Youtube channel

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One dress, Summer into Autumn | DOLLY AND DOTTY

In the northern hemisphere, this weird weather transition period from Summer to Autumn has arrived. Some days are warm, the next it can be drooly and chilly. You don’t want to pack up your summer wardrobe all together, so I got you covered with this blog post. For this blog post, I teamed up with… Continue reading One dress, Summer into Autumn | DOLLY AND DOTTY

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World Suicide Prevention Day | MENTAL HEALTH

At the time I’m posting this, September 10th , it’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Since I highly value mental health and there’s more to me than just pretty clothes, I figured this would be the perfect moment to share a little of my own story along with some warning signs to help others around you.… Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day | MENTAL HEALTH

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Top day at TopVintage | STARBRITE TOURS

It’s been a little while since I’ve been blogging. A lot has happened during the past months – yup, let’s not forget Corona – and only now do I feel energized again to write over here. So, let’s start off with the biggest thing that stumbled upon my path recently: I got to shoot with… Continue reading Top day at TopVintage | STARBRITE TOURS

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Glitzy Accessories| GLITZ-O-MATIC

I don’t know about you, but I think any outfit is only complete with matching jewellery, preferably a bit of glitz. I’m always on the lookout for vintage-style accessories. Glitz-O-Matic is a Belgian retro accessory brand, founded in 2011 by owner Sarah. Her small business started off as Cherry Pin-Up Accessories, but after outgrowing this… Continue reading Glitzy Accessories| GLITZ-O-MATIC

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Light Hearted | GLITZ-O-MATIC

This Valentine’s day, I’ve partnered up with Glitz-O-Matic, a small Belgian accessory brand,  featuring their 1950s-style hearts jewellery set. Perfect for today, but just as show-stopping on any other day of the year. Let’s start with a little history. After WWII, plastics like celluloid, catalin, bakelite and lucite were widely used in jewellery. In the… Continue reading Light Hearted | GLITZ-O-MATIC

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6 ways to style your pinup nails | PERFECT YOUR PINUP

“It’s all in the details”. You’re hands are always visible and an accompanying manicure tops off any look. When it comes to a mani to match your pinup wardrobe, there are actually more options than you might think.   Half moon The half moon manicure is a widely used nail art style among many modern… Continue reading 6 ways to style your pinup nails | PERFECT YOUR PINUP